Posted October 15

Site Preparation and Vegetation Management in Reclamation

November 14

NAIT Main Campus, Fresh Express (U112) Edmonton, AB T5G 2R1

NAIT 6th Annual Seminar ‘Site Preparation and Vegetation Management in Reclamation: Learnings and Ongoing Challenges’ on November 14, 2017 will offer current knowledge, challenges, and opportunities regarding site preparation and vegetation management in reclamation.

The goal of this seminar is to:
1. Discuss challenges and opportunities surrounding vegetation management and site preparation in reclamation
2. Share knowledge on current best practices and novel methods
3. Promote networking

Who should attend:
Reclamation practitioners, environmental consultants and field personnel, foresters and forest technologists, biologists, agrologists, nursery managers and students.

$85 per person (for professionals)
$40 (for students)
Includes snacks, refreshments and lunch.

For more information:
Email Catherine Brown:
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Presentations from foresters, natural resource professionals, academia, government and non-government associations.

1. Dr. Brad Pinno | Research Scientist – Forest Ecology and Reclamation | Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
2. Dr. Dani Degenhardt | Research Scientist | InnoTech Alberta
3. David Polster | Plant Ecologist | Polster Environmental Services Ltd.
4. Scott Formaniuk | Senior Silviculturalist | Tree Time Services Inc.
5. Eckehart Marenholtz | Forest Reclamation Specialist | Chickadee Reclamation Services
6. Tyler Niles | Director, Project Coordinator | NiKal Environmental Solutions Inc.
7. Chris T. Tenszen | Senior Reclamation Advisor | Trace Associates Inc.
8. Dr. Dean MacKenzie | VP Monitoring & Reclamation | Vertex Resource Group Ltd.
9. Sheryl Ramnarine | MSc Candidate | University of Alberta
10. Dr. Amanda Schoonmaker | Research Lead and NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Boreal Reclamation and Reforestation | NAIT Boreal Research Institute